Lanvin and Golden Rose


Here are two of my favourite items at the moment.The first one is a lovely gift and it's Rumeur 2 from Lanvin.With notes of magnolia,white rose and serigna,blended with sambac and jasmine.It's feminine and sexy and it's my very favourite parfum at the moment,really love it!

The second item is nail polish Golden Rose with chameleon effect - Changes its colours by the light reflection.In the strong light its electric blue but in the dark light its dark green.I simply love it!

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  1. wow, that nailpolish looks amazing!

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  2. OMG! It is totally one of my two most favourite parfums! The other one is also by Lanvin brand: Eclat d'Arpege, the lilac ball, if you remember..
    Every single time I go to the parfume shop hoping to change my frangrance, but I always come back with one of these two Lanvin treasures.. It's so totally me.. And you, as far as I can see..:)

    Lovely blog, dear!

    1. thank you so much beauty!!
      yeah,it's definitely an amazing parfum <3