Six Resolutions for 2012


Here is an article that I wrote for Chictopia
Hope you'll like it as the chictopia team.If it will be published I'll tell you ;)

At the beginning of the year we make plans, we reinvent and change the things we don’t like.We'd like to suggest you six resolutions in fashion and style.

1.     Create your personal style

Whether you rock, glam, gothic, punk, casual chic, urban cool or you like to wear dresses or training, it is important to have a style. Try to be original and to dress as you feel good, each bound to represent you and to tell the story.

2.     Don’t follow any trend!
Designers dictate trends, we promote, but that does not mean you have to follow them all! Select only what suits you best.

3.     Choose classic
Classic clothing pieces are infallible, so there will never fail you if you wager on the creation of elegant and simple cut.

Don’t forget! Dress with Peter Pan collar is the sensation of 2012

4.     Strong colors
Even if the pastels are the wave,don’t be afraid to wear vibrant colors. Color blocking is a current version and the combinations are endless. Strong shades  are perfect for everyone, don’t be afraid to try!

5.     White is sexy
Little black dress is history, the red and white dominate in 2012! Buy yourself a white dress with feminine lines that caress your forms.

6.     Less is more
In the fight: complexity - simplicity, almost always the second option will win out.”Less is more” is a motto that you should follow and don’t forget: minimalistic style favors everyone!

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