Fashion Shores for What I Wear:"Vintage"


If you're already subscripted to neswletter you probably have seen this article about Vintage, wrote by me.If not, then read below my full article:

What is vintage? Any piece of clothing, accessories and decorative objects belonging to the period 1920 - 1970 is vintage.
Why don’t we try vintage style for the coming fall season? Sounds fun isn’t it? Now, we're talking about some unique old pieces of clothing or accessories. Start searching vintage items in your granny's closet, something like an old leather bag with a nice design or a lovely cashmere cardigan with a cute floral print.
Vintage items are usually versatile, which means it opens a lot of possibilities for mix and match. You can combine some old pieces of clothing such as painted wooden brooches, a pearl necklace, and crystal hair accessories with your daily outfit and voila! You are now rockin’ a modern outfit with a vintage twist! It's really not hard to combine vintage item if you dare to be a bit experimental!
Vintage style has been really buzzing lately among Hollywood celebs and street stylers alike. Celebrities like Dita Von Teese, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Drew Barrymore or the street style queen, Alexa Chung, worship vintage style and they undoubtedly are certified vintage style gurus. Let your vintage feeling make your fall even more nostalgic and romantic!

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