On the "Top"


Some time ago I read an article about the reasons of why some bloggers do not have lookbook,chictopia or other media sites for sharing outfits.Well...I want to say that if you work hard,have a strong and unique personality,good imagination and quality photos you may obtain what you want.And with this I mean to be on the top page of these websites.Of course you may think that I say so because I am on the top page,but it is not so,believe me :)
As you can see from the screenshot,I am on the trending top page of chictopia,and I am very happy.It is for the 2nd time.Even if I don't see who votes me,I am very grateful to each one of them who voted for me and commented!

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  1. I love chicisimo!!!

    Have you heard of it????

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  2. Congratulations dear! So happy for you :) I've always wanted to be on Chictopia's style page, but never seem to reach it. :)

  3. you have such cute looks!!!

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  4. Good for you! Congrats! You deserve it.

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  5. Well done!!

    Loving your blog,