Prada sunglasses giveaway!


Yesterday I found an amazing giveaway and I want to share it with you folks! You can win a pair of Prada Baroque Sunglasses worth £213.If you have a blog,write a post about this wonderful pair of sunglasses from Prada,write anything you want! (favourite celebrities who wore these sunglasses,how would you style them etc) And after this e-mail to with the link of your post. 

You can buy these sunglasses on

Anyway if you don't win,you receive a free £20 voucher(with free delivery) to spend on this shop,avalaible for everyone who enter.

PS: I love these sunglasses! I would wear them with absolutely anything.I have a little obssesion for sunglasses(last year even collected them)

PPS: Happy Halloween!!!

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  1. Wow this sunglass looks amazing i want to buy this can you tell me the prize of this prada sunglasses.