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Bustier - Vedette

It's been one of the hardest months of my life and all this just because of my last relationship.It wasn't a sweet November but a black November,but enough about this! Because of this reason I was so inactive here but I'm sure December will bring the warmest and brightest light in my heart and it will be a very good month,many posts and surprises are coming soon! So,bye bye November! You'll never be missed!
Some weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely staff from Vedette for a challenge.To style a piece of garment from their shop as a transitional outfit that will work for day to night look,to wear Vedette shapewear as an outerwear.For the daytime look I paired the bustier with my favorite pair of shorts from Romwe,an old cardigan and the lovely beanie made by my mum.Nina Ricci's AW13 collection showed us that negligees are not longer just for the bedroom,so why don't you give it a try?
By the way,Would you wear an undergarment as an outerwear? I'm really curious to know your opinions about this!
PS: Stay tuned to see in the upcoming post look of the night!

Happy weekend folks,
Victoria x

Recent am fost contactată de magazinul online Vedette pentru o colaborare sau mai bine zis o mică provocare.Astfel mi s-a propus să aleg de la ei o piesă pentru o compune cu ea 2 outfit-uri,și anume unul de zi și unul de noapte.Mi s-a părut o idee destul de interesantă și nu aveam cum să nu o accept.Sunt curioasă să știu părerile voastre despre ținută dar și mai mult despre faptul dacă ați purta o bustieră ca un top de zi,dacă îndrăzniți să purtați o piesă de lenjerie intimă ca o piesă vestimentară obișnuită de zi?!

Să aveți o zi reușită!

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  1. nice look, love your shorts xx

  2. Hi dear, your corset top looks amazing, lovely outfit!...Have a warm and splendid weekend!

  3. Lovely outfit :)

    New Post Up:

  4. super!:) xo

  5. lovely beanie!

  6. I adore your bustier. You look so lovely :)

  7. you look great.very beautiful
    check out my blog and if you like we can follow each other

  8. Hey dear, I'm sorry to hear your November has been that way .. in fact, it has been rather hard for me too in the relationship part :( well, December is now here and we can only hope for a better future! Btw, I love wearing bustiers and corsets as outerwear and I do it all the time! Sometimes they look so so much better than usual tops + they are super feminine :) You styled it well!



    1. Thank you gorgeous for the lovely words!! <3

  9. WOWZER, you look gorgeous dear! I love the idea of wearing a lingerie piece as daywear, you did a fantastic job! So sorry to hear about your relationship! :(

    Sper ca decembrie să îți aducă numai bucurii! ♥

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  10. Love the outfit! The top is amazing! I think I'd wear it out if I could style it/match it up with appropriate pieces!

  11. wow! Love this shade of green. And lovely shorts I must say.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

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  13. You look adorable with the green cardigan, I think wearing something bright is a great way to cheer yourself up especially with what you're going through right now. Be strong and move on, its time for you to be happy again :)

  14. So much love for beanies!! Love this colour x

  15. love the color of your beanie! :*