New Year's Look / Bye 2013


Dress - Fashion Union / Heels - Choies

Another year flew away! I felt butterflies and cried,I lost and found,I started to enjoy what I disliked and learned in this year more than in the past years together.It's been a very versatile year and maybe this is the best word to describe it.However,I'm grateful for everything I have,for who I am and for everyone from my life.I'm not gonna do any resolutions or say how I'll change myself in the upcoming year,I just want to live with the present and enjoy every moment,to give presents not only because of holidays but because I like to make someone happy with a little attention: to give more than receive,to contact more often people with the whom I want to spend my time,not to wait for them to contact me,to say and do things without being afraid of anyone else's thoughts...okaay too many deep thoughts but you know that the end of the year means itself a huge flashback and the perfect time for inner reflections.

This is my festive outfit for this year's winter holidays.I wanted a dress with sequins for a looong time and I was so happy when I received this gorgeous black dress from the UK shop Fashion Union It's the classical type of look and it works for almost every party or holiday.These pictures turned out a bit different because of the flash (I hate to use it) but I like their positive vibe.

All I want for tonight is SNOW,so please Dear Santa,bring a fairytale with snow!!

Wish you a very very happy new year,love,inner peace and may all your dreams come true! See ya in 2014!

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  1. nice:) xo

  2. perfect dress fot the occassion!Happy New Year!

  3. Beautiful dress and I wish you Happy New Year and all the best :)

  4. Love this dress!

  5. Happy new Year!

  6. Hello dear, Your blog really awesome! Love it! <3
    Btw, wanna follow each other via GFC? Let me know ;)

  7. Happy New Year! You look lovely, the dress is really pretty!
    Hannah :) x

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  8. Such a pretty outfit! :D

    xx MJ

  9. I love your dress!!


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  10. Hi! nice blog!
    follow to follow?
    let me know!!!

  11. you look so stunning must try Indian Traditional Dresses are gonna look awesome in that :)

  12. nice clicks are gonna look perfect in Khadi Products...waiting to see you in them :)

  13. great pics....wanna see you in some casual shirts with baggy will look awesome ;)

  14. Lovely Dress!!