15 Random Facts about me


It's interesting and funny for me to read blog posts like this by other bloggers.So I though it would be interesting for you too! Actually I've been writing these facts in a notebook and finally decided to post them.There will be and part 2,so stay tuned!

1.I had 2 cats: a Siamese and a Russian blue cat.
2.My favourite actor ever is Leonardo DiCaprio
3.I was a semivegitarian for 2 months and gave up (I know,shame on me!)
4.I enjoy playing Tomb Raider Legend and Anniversary (love action video games)
5.I've learned French(2 years) and German (1 year)
6.My favourite models are Daphne Groeneeld and Cara Delevingne
7.I love cooking,especially soups and salads.
8.I preffer more salty and spicy food than sweets and I don't really like cakes.
9.Painting is one of my oldest passions.
10.I used Mix Meister to do a mix with my favorite tracks (I'm a little geek in computer programs)
11.I love EDM - electronic dance music,especially trance.
12.I watched tutorials and even started to do my own electronic melodies with Fruity Loops
13.The best compliment ever for me was by an unknown woman on the street: "You don't look like a moldavian girl" 
14.I had a sunglasses mania and collected them.
15.My favourite season is spring

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  1. Sweet (: I also love Di Caprio and Cara! And my favorite is season is spring too x


  2. I love these get to know posts... it's a great way to learn about each other ♡

  3. Hello from Spain: interesting answers. I also like the spring. Keep in touch

  4. This is a beautiful post!!
    Kisses dear
    Would you like to join my Giveaway??

  5. Ahora te conocemos un poquito mejor... me ha gustado mucho el post!

  6. Hello, darling, what a sweet revelation post! We are in the same pod on N 2,7,8,9, and 15 :) we have so much in common..... I am your happy follower ;)
    Love <3 Zhanna, www.stylehenge.com

  7. So nice, great post! I love cats, too!

  8. This is so cool...And it is so impressive to know that you know so many languages!

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!