Combine to Inspire


The combination of clothing is an art! You can own thousands of clothes,but if you can't combine them,they don't worth a penny! The key to a great outfit is a good combination.Sometimes I do like more some pieces and want to wear them again and again,but I may be a little bit boring with the same pieces,so I combine them in the all possible ways.Like this floral dress made by mum and inspired by Rumi Neely.I wore it a loot during the summer,without anything or with a denim jacket in the windy days.But with a sweater or a shirt it can an awesome outfit for autumn too! Or not to mention this denim skirt which is very veeery versatile and you can wear it in soo many different ways,just add some imagination! I like to keep it simple and as you can see I wore it in February last year with a bright turtleneck and this autumn with a black one.These are just some examples how you can wear the same pieces in different combinations! Hope this post brought to you a drop of inspiration and was somehow helpful!
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  1. Me encantan las diferentes combinaciones que haces con la misma prenda, son geniales! Seguro que le sacas mucho partido a todo lo que compras...

  2. Love the third! xx

  3. I really like the 3rd outfit. Tha's so cute and I like that style!

  4. I like the first one, I like the style, cute.