Hey loves,today's post is a bit special.Is not the usual outfit post but about something that I've wanted and still want! You might observed my beautiful feather from this blog post on my shoulder.Yes,it's not real because even if I want one I'm too afraid of pain.So this is a great temporary solution,especially when you're so undecised like me.This tattoo is from the online store specialized in cool accessories - TTTattoo
I liked it a lot and the most important thing - resists up to 4 days and maybe moore.I received the feather plus some 5 more little tattoos.
I'd love to initiate a little discussion with you:
Are you a fan of tattoos? What's your opinion in general about tattos? Do you have one? Would you want to have one and what specifically?

Sorry for the quality,you can head to my Instagram to see one with a better quality.

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  1. I like tattoos especially when they're done by real tattoo masters, in that case they're often a piece of art! However, I'm always worried how might a tattoo look like when I get older and how I would feel about it in the future...for those reasons I haven't been able to decide what I want like yourself for now I opt for temporary ones.

    You look look so lovely! The dress looks amazing on you and that temporary tattoo is really cute!

  2. Mi piacciono molto i tattoos, anche io li uso, sono molto carini per le occasioni speciali, quando si ha voglia di cambiare :-*

  3. So cute!

  4. i wanna make a tiny one but I can't stand for the pain
    xx nic