Now that we are in the fever of Valentine's I tho to share with you my top five favorite movies about and with love.I've seen them all and really liked them.Rarely when I like a romance because they're very cliché,but these are good enough to watch with your boyfriend or with your bestie.I was impressed the most by the number one, of course.

 5.Flipped It's based on a novel and it's super sweet and special.It has the countryside theme which is for me a big plus.Nature,domestic animals and trees - what can be more pleasant? I bet you will like it!

 4.The Spectacular Now It's similar to Flipped - a love story about teens.But not your typical love story,worth more than a watch.

 3.Endless Love The classic story where she is rich but he isn't and parents are trying to keep them apart.It's not really on my 3d place but it's nice to watch

 2.Stuck in Love It's a story which connects 3 couples and it's uber interesting.

 My number one is Big Eyes.It's the movie Big Eyes with Amy Adams and it's pure bliss.It's based on a true story and has soundtracks with Lana Del Rey.The story is overwhelming and I even shed a tear.It's very beautiful,with the retro vibe and fantastic acting.Also if you like painting you will like it even more!

If you have seen any movie of these,would like to know your opinion!
Love, xx

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  1. I love movie The Spectacular Now!

  2. Me too! Thanks for your visit! x