With the spring break just around the corner, it’s time you started thinking about where to go, which friends to “book”, what places to visit and, certainly, brainstorm ways to look as fabulous as possible while enjoying your time! We are giving you some ideas that will certainly help you look your best and maybe even catch your crush’s eye in the process!

Rock that bohemian style

The key to nailing the spring look is being as cool as possible. Sure, not everybody can pull it off well, but we are sure you can! Bohemian style is everything you need during spring, especially if you plan on hanging on the beach a lot – nothing speaks happiness and freshness like a floral maxi dress, a flower in your hair, shorts and a loose top, cool sandals or sneakers... Fringe are always welcome, also and as much colorful combinations possible! Go big with your accessorize, too - imitate the happy, cheerful vibe of spring in your clothes and you won’t regret it!

Let your hair down

…well, both literally and metaphorically speaking! Since you are on a break you don’t have to think about your hairdo all the time. Let your hair loose, and enjoy your locks – they’ll look wonderful tasseled! Forget about ironing your hair and torturing it with products – instead, let it recover from the cold winter, give it an organic nudge and grace it with a cool hairdo – messy bun or a ponytail will do just fine.

Forget the makeup

Spring is that time of year when the sun is waking up and your skin is waking up along with it! Instead of suffocating your skin with powders, blushes and what not, let it breathe. If you’ve got blemishes, then treat them with just a little bit of organic concealer and leave everything else uncovered. That way, your skin will receive the vitamin D it otherwise wouldn’t when covered in makeup, and it will regain its initial glow. As for other makeup, don’t be afraid to go big on mascara to make your eyes pop, brush out your eyebrows for an added effect and give your lips just the thing they deserve – some organic lip gloss for fullness and nurture. You are gorgeous as it is, you really don’t need too much of anything – use makeup for accents, not cover-up!

Get an awesome bathing suit

Assuming you’ll be going away with friends for the spring break, there’s probably going to be a lot of swimming, snorkeling, yacht chilling and other super cool things that go hand in hand with the spring break. One of the ways to make an impression and dominate the beach is show up in an awesome swimsuit! The key to getting just the right piece is to know your shape and recognize the right size – never buy a size too small hoping it will accentuate your curves… ‘cos, it will only look trashy and you’ll feel uncomfortable. Also, if you still haven’t managed to shed those few pounds you’ve gained during winter, opt for a one-piece – they are timelessly chic and have the power to elongate the figure and make you look absolutely fabulous! Further, graphic prints are always welcome as are chic one-color pieces in black, gray, deep green or emerald. Find your preferred piece and enjoy it!

Rock awesome sunnies

Jackie O knew how important a good pair of sunnies is, and so do you! Find the right shape for your face and rock them all throughout the summer break! A good pair of sunnies have the power to transform the entire face and make it look absolutely fabulous even when you are not feeling so (we all have THOSE days). You can wear them with your outfit or bathing suit – either way, you’ll look stunning!

Have fun on your break and make sure you send us some photos!

Author's Bio:

Cristina Nika is an aspiring blogger from Sydney. Likes to get lost in the world of fashion, beauty and healthy lifestyle. She has an insight in variety of subjects and has a strong interest in mindful living, drinks excessive amounts of coffee and ginger ale, collects flip-flops and loves to take long walks around Manly beach.

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