Windham is situated in the Catskill mountains and its history extends back to 1798. It is the perfect place to visit for rest and relaxation, as it is so beautiful and peaceful. There is an eclectic mix of shops and restaurants serving fine food. If you are looking for true relaxation the Windham spa is worth a visit, it is popular with both locals and tourists.

It’s incredible how only two hours takes you from the hustle and bustle of New York City to lush green mountains in the summer, which become a ski destination in the winter.

Windham Mountain as a ski resort
Windham Mountain resort offers the best skiing facilities within a 200 radius of NYC. The premier resort has its own team of snowmakers, which makes the most of what mother nature has to offer. This means that optimum conditions can be created and maintained.
Skiing isn’t the only winter sport offered you can also experience snow tubing and snowshoe hikes make the mountains accessible to everyone.
Whilst Windham is only a two hour journey from NYC it is worth staying to really have the time to appreciate everything there is to offer. Consider a Ski House Rental so that you can enjoy the many apres ski parties.
Windham mountain is suitable for both families and first time skiers as there are many tuition packages available to choose from.

Catskill mountains
The Catskill Mountains have so much more to offer than winter sports. If one thing is for sure it certainly draws out the adventurer in its visitors. There is the opportunity to experience the Catskill Mountains whilst traveling at 50 mph on the fastest, longest and highest zipline in North America!
If more sedentary pastimes are more your “thing” you may prefer fishing, camping and hiking in the stunning scenery the Catskills have to offer.  

The Catskills region offers culinary delights to suit all tastes. There are heritage influences to the cuisine available from its Italian, Irish and Polish settlers. The area boasts its own winery and fresh produce is in abundance from the many farms in the area.
So, if time allows, extend your trip to New York by exploring the many attractions the Catskill mountains and Windham has to offer. You will be sure to return to the daily grind of life, fully rested if a little exhilarated! There are many ways to book your flights and accommodation, a search on the internet holds the key to a plethora of information. Another good source of contact would be tourist boards, which will give details on the area.

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