It’s finally happened and you’ve booked the trip of a lifetime. Congratulations are in order because lots of people are too scared to take the plunge. However, there is one pitfall and that is your property. While you are away, it’s essential to keep it in good knick. No one wants to come home to broken windows, kicked in doors and squatters doing unthinkable things in the living room. Securing a house is easier to say than do, mainly because you won’t be a phone call away. Still, there are ways to prepare a home so that the building is standing when you return home.

Here are the basics:

Call In A Favour

You don’t need to hire someone to help, but you do need to give a friend a key. While you are away, it’s vital that someone drops by in the morning and at night to draw the curtains, turn off the lights, and keep an eye on things. To be honest, it is an annoying job because it takes time out of their daily schedule. That is why you should ask a friend or a family member to do you a favour. Neighbours are handy, but they may not want the responsibility.

Cancel Direct Debits

Travelling costs money and you don’t want to waste any while you are enjoying the journey. With that in mind, call the relevant bodies and cancel any debits which are unnecessary. For instance, there is no reason to pay for a newspaper you won’t read. Plus, stacks of paper are signs that no one is home, which will make the property a target. You may want to redirect your mail, too. Depending on the season, cut the gas and electric to the house. In the summer, there is no need to use energy as the heat warms the property.

Secure The Area

Of course, the first job is to prevent break-ins should a thief take a liking to your home. An alarm system is a must, as are CCTV cameras. Outside lights are also imperative as they illuminate the darkness and make it harder to sneak around. But, please don’t forget that this is a world of lawsuits and you may be liable even if someone else is trespassing. With that in mind, try these general protection Bryson Products for the exterior. Also, move any equipment that could be considered a hazard, such as power tools.

Find A New Home

Not for you but for your pets. Cats and dogs are not independent animals and need constant care and attention. To leave them alone for months on end would be akin to animal cruelty, which is why they need a new owner for the duration of your trip. Hopefully, family and friends will take the strain and take them in, but there are kennels and catteries too. If you don’t want to move them, ask someone to drop by the house and give them food/take for a walk.

You shouldn’t turn down the trip of a lifetime, but are you prepared to leave the house in good shape?

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