London is a great city with so much to see and do but it’s pretty big so getting around can be a bit of a pain. Most people tend to use the tube because it’s quick and easy, and it doesn’t cost that much. The only problem is if you spend all of your time getting around the city on the tube, you’re going to be underground for half of your trip. You’ll miss out on all the great stuff along the way and you won’t have the opportunity to discover a lot of the hidden gems that the city has to offer. Next time you visit London, why not try some of these alternative ways to get around.

London is a big place so if you’re heading for somewhere across the city, walking is out of the question unless you want to waste half a day. But so many people end up getting the tube for just one or two stops which just isn’t necessary. You should use public transport for some of the longer trips but if you’re only going a short distance, there’s no reason why you can’t just walk it.

Boris Bikes
The best known legacy of the ex mayor of London is surely the Boris Bikes. While walking is a good way to see more of the city, sometimes it isn’t viable. If you still want to see the sights while you’re getting around but it’s too far to walk, why not try cycling? The Boris Bikes are popular with tourists and locals alike, many of whom use them to get to work. It’s a really easy system to use, just grab a bike from one of the many stations and ride where you need to go, then drop the bike off and the money will be taken off your card.

If you want the sightseeing benefits of cycling but you don’t fancy doing all of that legwork while you’re on your holidays, get a rickshaw instead. See v london city for more information on where to find them. They’ll usually cost you a bit more than a cab but if the weather is nice, it’s a pleasant way to get around. They’re also a great option for people that are concerned about the environment because you’re not contributing to carbon emissions whatsoever.

Thames Boats
The tube and bus systems are a good way of getting around but they get pretty busy, especially during rush hour. If you’re after a more relaxing way of getting from A to B that’s still efficient, the Thames Boat services are perfect. They run regularly and they’re a lot quicker than you’d think. There’s a restaurant on board where you can get a quick bite to eat while you travel and there’s even Wifi if you’re visiting the city for work. Seeing the city from the river while you travel is a whole new way to experience London.

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