There’s nothing better than sending off for an adventure, with only your love one for company! Exploring new sights, soaking up the atmosphere of distant, enchanting cities and places: it’s enough for anyone to feel loved up. Of all the places suitable for a loved-up couple, none as magical as Australia. There you can do anything and everything, from sipping wine at the vineyard to strolling through the country’s famously cool and laid-back cities. Below, we take a look at a few romantic activities that await couples travelling to the Land Down Under.

Hit the Wineries

Australia’s wineries have two main things going for them: they’re always set in beautiful places, and the wine is delicious! There are more than sixty different wine regions scattered across the country, so wherever you’re travelling to, you’ll have somewhere nearby. Rent a car, and take a drive into the country. You can hit up all the best wines the country has to offer, all the while exploring Australia’s extensive natural beauty. A romantic way to spend a day by anyone’s standards!

Romantic City Adventures

It’s not hard to find romance when you’re visiting Melbourne or Sydney. The cities have love running through their veins! You can make your trip extra special by upping the romance level. If you’re in Melbourne, take a look at and explore the city from the comfort of your chartered yacht. If you’re in Sydney, then take a trip to one of the city’s famously picturesque beaches and watch the sunset arm in arm with your loved one. Being a couple will never have felt so good!

A View from Above

Does your love take you to a higher plane? Then don’t just lie in metaphor land: make it a reality. By taking a hot air balloon ride, you’ll be able to enjoy the true majesty of the Australian landscape, all the while clinking a toast to love and life with a glass of champagne. We can’t say for sure what makes being suspended in a wicker basket high above the ground so romantic, but it somehow speaks to love - and that’s just the way we like it.

Go off the Beaten Path

Love doesn’t always have to be intimate dinners in cosy restaurants. Some of the best adventures we have with our loved ones are when we’re out in the wild somewhere, enjoying each other’s company, in a state that can only be described as “back to basics.” There’s nothing wrong with getting primal every now and again! If you don’t like the idea of tent camping, then take a look at glamping. It’s a luxury way to spend a night under a billion stars, and boy is it fun!

Take a Drive

Finally, take a look at renting a car and driving along the Great Ocean Road. You’ll just have you, your music, and beautiful landscape after beautiful landscape; Oh, and your love, too! A magical way to spend a day.

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