America is a fascinating country for outsiders. Given just how vast it is, every state is almost like an individual country in itself. There’s so much diversity in terms of the cultures and landscapes throughout the U.S. Where do you even begin on a trip to the States? Well, you need a thorough plan of action if you want to properly enjoy your traveling experience. You should check out before you book your journey just to make sure that you qualify for your trip to the States. Border control is always strict, so you need to make your preparations beforehand. As for the fun part of your preparations, let’s talk about the actual destinations you need to include in your travel plan. This guide should help you to see the best cities on your visit to the U.S.

New York City.
It’s one of the most famous cities in the world, and there’s a good reason for that. Whilst many cities put hard work into cultivating some sort of skyline, NYC is made up of an endless sea of skyscrapers; its looming skyline spans the entire city. There’s so much to explore and uncover in the heart of this manmade jungle that it’s both exciting and overwhelming in equal parts. The iconic landmarks are a must-see, of course. You could take a boat tour to see the Statue of Liberty in close proximity. The Empire State Building is also a wonderful building to experience in the flesh, even if its size is now tame in comparison many other skyscrapers. Central Park needs to be visited too; there’s something surreal about that small slice of nature in the heart of a concrete city.

Whilst it may be cheating to say this, given that we’re talking about the best cities to visit in the U.S., there’s also a lot to see in the areas surrounding New York City. You could take a trip out from the heart of the city once you’ve had your fill of iconic landmarks and culture in order to explore some of the natural wonders in the nearby area. If you’re into skiing then the Catskill Mountains are well worth the visit, as we’ve discussed before. The adventurer could sure have their fill of fun on those majestic slopes. There are also fantastic dining spots on those mountains if you start to miss the fine cuisine and the civilized nature of New York City before too long.

Now, this is a fun city to visit. If you’re a fan of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia then you really need to experience all of its wonderful sights for yourself (minus the nonsensical adventures, of course). Philadelphia is a city of great historic significance, first of all. It’s home to the famous Liberty Bell, which marked the first reading of the Declaration of Independence back in 1776, as mentioned over at It’s also home to heaps of modern culture. The Philadelphia Museum of Art contains many fascinating impressionist pieces. There’s a lot to unpack in this city.

Los Angeles.
Let’s end with a city on the west side of the country if you’re tired of talking about the east. California is a beautiful state to visit, but you probably don’t have time to see it all in one visit (that would take quite a few visits). If there’s one city that you’re going to see then it should be Los Angeles. There are so many different experiences to be had here. Seeing Universal Studios could be a fun day out, or you could take a relaxing stroll along Venice Beach if you’d rather stay away from roller coasters and adventures. When it comes to dining, you should head to the Grand Central Market. Not only is there fantastic food in the many small dining establishments but there’s often live music too.

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