Spring winter is the most wonderful time of the year and the perfect occasion for a change. After a cold winter, seeing the nature blooming makes me want to redecorate and change my room as well. Here are some of my ideas and what would I add/change to the interior.

1. Add more Pot Plants

Nothing is worse than an empty room without plants. Apart from the lack of the oxygen, it's ugly and untracttive and actually looks like an unpopulated space. Of course, I'm not saying to transform your place into a jungle but you do need some pot plants, like these ones:
How amazing this looks? I really like this thing with plants in the air and these wall boxes are such a nice statement for the minimalism lovers. These look even better than some paintings you would add on the wall. 

2. Change the Curtains!
Mine are a such a shame - gray and beige. And just look so boring and depressing. I would definetely go for these Green Curtains with white leaf print which are so fresh and bright. It likes add life to your place. The combination of white and green is just magical and this really influences your state of mind, because the colours are an important element in decoration and not only.

3. Invest in candelabres
Oh man, I'm actually a sucker when it comes to these elegant pieces of art, especially those made of wood. In the "happy years" I used to decorate the dinner table with these on special occasions. (or maybe my mum used to) but this brought such a pleasent-nice vibe. It's such a visual satisfaction! The one we had was very unique, in the shape of an old man smoking a cigar. 

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