Travel is fantastic, and there's so much to be gained from flying far and wide and visiting different parts of the word. You get to meet new people, experience new culture, foods and do things you wouldn't have got to do otherwise. However that's not to say that more humble getaways can be overlooked, and often we're so busy planning our next trip abroad that we forget to appreciate what's right under our own feet. A camping trip is cheap and cheerful and a way that you can enjoy the surroundings of the country you call home. There are plenty of other reasons too, here are just a few of them.

You Can Spend Time in Nature
Hiking, orienteering, fishing, bird watching and just being outdoors can be incredibly refreshing and give you a new lease on life. We spend so much of our time cooped up inside, stuck working on computers or hibernating away watching Netflix in our spare time. When you go camping, it gives you a chance to get outdoors and enjoy some natural surroundings.

It's Fun for Everyone
Camping is suitable for most people, meaning it's a great way to get all of the extended family together. Invite your brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles. Let your children run around and play together. If you go at the right time of year it won't be too cold or warm, plus you could always ditch the tent and stay in a campervan, caravan or RV instead. Use a generator to power lights, heat, air conditioning or appliances as you need them, if you're looking to buy now there are plenty of places online that sell them.

It’s Inexpensive
When you go travelling, there's everything from flights to transfers to consider, airport parking, luggage fees, hotels and much more. When you go camping you avoid most of these costs. If you already have an RV, caravan or campervan then it's a good way to put it to use, otherwise they're far cheaper to hire than a hotel stay. You can drive to a nearby campsite saving on costs and you don't need money to eat in fancy restaurants. Stock up at the grocery store and you can cook big pots of food over the campfire for all of the family, barbeque meat and much more. It needn't cost much at all, and yet you won't feel like you're in any way going without as it's still a wonderful experience.

It Teaches You New Skills
Camping can teach you all kinds of skills. From pitching tents to building fires, cooking without the modern appliances and some general outdoor survival techniques. You could even learn how to set traps or fish depending on your location and the laws in place. It's generally a chance to live life, be active and get up and do things without a screen in front of your face!

How do you feel about camping? Will you be pitching a tent or staying in a caravan at any point this summer?

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