Retail therapy is something we like to tell ourselves we need to do, either to cool off after a long week, or because you’re so rundown on resources that a shopping spree is in order. But no matter what reason you’re heading down to the mall for, there’s a good chance you don’t need half the items you’ve loaded into your basket! Of course there’s always going to be things we want to buy, but do we really need to spend money on them? Money that could be put to better use elsewhere, or simply extending a wealthy investment you’ve dedicated years to already!

So let’s dedicate some effort to stopping ourselves impulse buying! Here’s a couple of quick tips to base your new budgeting off of.

Don’t Take a Bag with You

If you don’t take a bag with you when you’re off to the shops, you’re unlikely to spend as much as you would be inclined to usually. If you’ve got nothing to carry your wares in, and you have to pay for the privilege if you need a bag from the shop, you’re going to hold off on spending money you don’t need to!

This way, only the absolutely essentials come home with you. And then you’re only losing a few pennies on making sure none of the bulging plastic bags in your hands break before you can load them into the car. When you’ve only got pockets to put your money and your keys in, you’re going to be able to keep in mind your new efforts to stay away from the till!

Try To Stay Off the Web

When you’re browsing online, there’s a good chance every site you come across is going to try and sell you something. Whether it’s something the website actually offers, or because they have ads they get revenue from when you click on them, it’s an easy trap to fall into. Ads are based on your browsing history after all, and it’s an easy way to lose a good portion of your income each week; the internet knows your interests, and now they’re coming for your wallet!

There’s been quite a lot of credit card debt worries in most recent memory, and looking towards secured lending through Evolution Money is something a lot of online shoppers are going to think about turning to. Loans aren’t the be all end all when it comes to having good credit, but you need to shop via the web with good moderation. So always be wary of this, and only ever click on ads you know you can trust, and know would be a well made and worthy product you could absolutely use.

Knowing you don’t actually need to buy something, and then buying it anyway, can be a huge drain on both your financial and mental health. You’re always going to be worried about the mistake you made, and your bank account is going to show you why you should be worried.

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