There are lots of bargains to be found online when shopping for fashion. Stores and designers compete for your custom by reducing prices to an attractive and affordable level. Fashions change so quickly that it would be a shame to miss out on bargains by paying premium prices everytime a new range is released. You need to know where to look and how to source on trend fashions and this article aims to help.

Cashback sites
Cashback sites literally pay you for online shopping. Some sites will enter you into monthly prize draws so that you have the opportunity to win £500!

The cashback sites work by accessing the store you want to buy from through their link. You need to register on the cashback site and then search for the store you wish to buy from, if it is listed click on the trackable link and you will receive your award once a purchase has been made.   

The cashback sites make their money by affiliate and referral links.

Sales are highly publicised and can result in an almost “scrum like” experience as everyone tries to grab a bargain. Shopping at online sales is slightly less stressful but ensure you log into the site when the sale first opens as bargains go fast. Some stores such as next allow shoppers VIP access to sales, so that they can buy before the rest of the public. Sign up early and use the opportunity.

Often clothes, accessories and shoes enter the sale section of a website well before a sale actually occurs, this is when the real bargains can be found and you may find prices rise at publicised sale times. Check the sale section of your favourite websites frequently.

There are websites that will send you a notification as soon as your sought after item is reduced. List clothes that you have your eye on and let the website do all the hard work by monitoring prices and alerting you of price drops.

Ebay is full of bargains and there are facilities that are embedded in the site which will notify you when an item goes for sale that matches your wishlist. Often designer clothes sell out immediately after launch. If you’ve missed out, you may be lucky on ebay, as many people buy designer wear to immediately sell on. There may also be items listed by people who bought pieces that didn’t quite fit and they’ve left it too long to return it to the store.

Voucher codes
Huge savings can be made by searching for voucher codes that give discounts on your purchases. There are many websites dedicated to discount codes, so remember to always search before purchase. You may qualify for free delivery with a specific code, or you may be entitled to 20% or more of the total price!

Shop out of season
You may not buy an item that has just been released if you shop off season, but there are many bargains to be had, especially if you choose classic styles that don’t go out of fashion quickly. You may not feel like buying a bikini in October or a winter coat in July. but you will be thankful the following year as long as you remember where you’ve stored it!

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