Considering a visit to the Emerald Isle? Here are some of the ways you can get the absolute most out of a trip to beautiful Ireland.

Discover History and Culture
Ireland has a complicated, fascinating religious history and culture and history surrounding this is clear to see. The increase in church building in the nineteenth century was what contributed to the evolution of towns, where some Catholic churches became the focus of a religious precinct of related buildings, Today, there are abbeys, cathedrals, friaries and monasteries that you can take in and walk around and get a real glimpse into the past. More recent history is visible in the Titanic Experience in Cobh, detailing the ship and it’s first and final voyage. You can also see the Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin, a former prison which is now a museum. Culturally, Ireland has many made fantastic musical contributions to the world, and you can experience this by attending one of the numerous festivals or even enjoying the nightlife in a club in a major city! Being the richest store of mythology in northern Europe, there’s lots to discover about Ireland’s literary contributions too. You can visit the National Leprechaun Museum of Ireland, attend guided tours or visit places of mythological interest such as Giant’s Causeway.  Interlocking hexagonal columns jut up from the water, fitting together almost perfectly, in this stunning coastal rock formation. The legend goes that this is where Scottish giant Benandonner threatened Ireland and was defeated by hero Finn who dressed up as a giant baby!

Take in The Breathtaking Scenery
There are a number of reasons why Ireland is famous for its landscapes, and it’s enormous variety is just one of them. While there are many rolling hills of green (no wonder it’s called ‘the Emerald Isle) there’s significantly more going on too. There are incredible waterways such as rivers, canals and lakes. There are sandy beaches and awe- inspiring mountains, cliffs and underground caves to explore, all will all provide you with plenty of amazing views to take in. Visit Galway’s mystical tombs, or the Mourne Mountains that inspired the Narnia series by CS Lewis. There are some incredible national parks too, Glenveagh National Park in  County Donegal attracts outdoorsy folk from across the land. You can go hiking, fishing, bird watching or just enjoy an afternoon tea with a mountain view! Connemara National Park is another to visit, is famous for (and named after) its herd of native Connemara Ponies and its wild countryside. Giving awesome views of the Twelve Bens mountain range and the magnificent Kylemore Abbey, a former monastery housed in one of Ireland’s most beautiful castles. If you want to get outside, get active and enjoy some views that will knock your socks off then Ireland certainly won't disappoint.

Visit The Vibrant Cities
As well as magnificent natural scenery, Ireland is also home to some incredible vibrant, bustling and exciting cities. Dublin, Galway, Limerick and Derry are just a few that you could visit if you’re after fantastic dining, shopping and tourist attractions. Cork is a particularly nice one, you have the famous English Market which is made-up of Princes Street Market and Grand Parade Market. It’s regarded for its mid-19th century architecture, and locally produced artisan food; it’s considered to be one of the best markets in Ireland. If you’re staying in the city, find good accommodation like the the Shandon Cork City Hotel to make your visit extra special. A cheap alternative is to consider camping, despite being a city there are still numerous campsites which can bring a fun element to your trip. With so much to see and do in cities, to get the most out of your trip your best bet would be to plan and write an itinerary, that way you can see, experience, dine and stay in all of the places that have the most appeal to you.

Chat With The Friendly Locals
It’s well known across the globe that the Irish people are one of the friendliest cultures in the world. When you visit the country, you’ll find the Irish to be genuinely warm and welcoming, and there are few more enjoyable ways of understanding of the inhabitants of this fascinating country than with a chat with a local. One of the reasons why Irish people are so friendly is because they have grown up in a culture that is laid back and relaxed. The social environment is very different from most places- it’s common to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger with the popular saying, “to make a friend; you must be a friend” ringing true.

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