Traveling with your family is so important; it gives you all the chance to take some time off and relax while spending some quality time with one another. Travel is also a great educational tool for your kids because it helps them learn about new cultures and makes them more well rounded people. That’s why you should be taking them away as often as possible. The only problem is, traveling can get pretty expensive these days. By the time you’ve added up the cost of flights (including all of the extra charges like luggage and airport parking) accommodation, and spending money it might be out of your price range. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on the idea of taking your family away altogether because there are some great cheap alternatives.


Camping is one of the best options for a cheap getaway and it offers a different experience to most other holiday ideas. Most of the time, you’ll be taking the family somewhere with all of the normal comforts that they have at home but when you go camping, they won’t have that. It’s often good for kids to get a bit of perspective and spend a weekend living without all of their normal comforts. It helps them to stop taking things for granted and appreciate the things that they do have. On top of all that, it’s a great way for the family to spend time together and get out in nature for a while. There are some great places to go camping abroad but there’s really no need. The UK is filled with beautiful countryside and quaint coastal towns where you can go camping for the week. If you’re taking the family camping for the first time, you need to make sure that you’re getting a spacious tent and taking plenty of games along to keep them entertained, otherwise, they’ll quickly become bored.


If you’ve got a bit of money to go abroad but you want to save some money on your travel costs, why not go by boat? Sailing with the family can make a great change from flying and it’s usually cheaper. There are some great sailing destinations around the world and it’s often a far better way to see a country. Boat travel is ideal for families because sitting on a plane or in a cramped car for hours is likely to rub the kids up the wrong way but on a boat, you’ve got plenty of room to walk around the deck, grab a drink and something to eat, and take in the scenery.

Have A Staycation

Most of us haven’t fully explored the city that we live in so if you really don’t have the money to go away anywhere, why not start there? Instead of going away somewhere, stay at home and make a list of all of the local attractions around the city that you want to go to. Spending a bit of time discovering a different side to your hometown is just as fun as going away for the week.

These are all great alternatives to the family holiday that are still just as fun.

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